Skills Database for Last Chaos
Please pick a class then choose the data you want to display :

  • Details : displays all the skills for the choosen character class, and their effects.
  • Calculator : choose which skills levels you have learnt and the application will tell you how many SP you need.
  • Level guide : for each level, see what skills you have to learn, and the total SP you have to grind.
  • Compared SP : displays required SP for each class and for each level.
  • Compared Gold : displays required Gold coins for each class and for each level.
  • Special : displays all the special skills and their costs.
  • Special calculator : choose the special skills you have learnt, then the calculator will tell you how much SP you need to finish special skills, or how much SP you will get if you reset them.
  • Monster Calculator : this calculator will help you estimate how many monsters you will need to kill to get your SPs or your level, and how long it will take.

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